Aug 22, 2012

Web Wednesday - Science Fair Fun!

Have you been to the Lorain County Fair this week?  Inspired to do a science project?

The Science Fair Project Resource Guide helps you work your way through the scientific process – from how to pick a topic- to making a display of your completed project.  

Full of other helpful sites to help you get ideas and on your way to investigating many topics, this site is really easy to navigate.  Powered by Drexel University’s College of Information Science and Technology, it is essentially an on-line public learning library for science projects!  If you have questions, you can ask a librarian for guidance.

With an easy to read legend(see above), you can easily search which activities suit your interests!  Once you pick your topic you can breeze through the project outlines and come up with research questions to stretch your learning further!  When you are ready to display the project, there are many tools to help you create your own graphs and reports – whether it is oral or visual!  

This is one site you’ll want to keep bookmarked all school-year long, too!  Do yourself a favor: visit this site and reduce project headaches!