Oct 27, 2012

Bear Has a Story to Tell

The Caldecott Medal winning team of Philip C. Stead and Erin E. Stead return to deliver more beautiful illustrations and talented storytelling with their new picture book Bear Has a Story to Tell.

We meet Bear amongst falling leaves, searching the forest for a friend to share his story with. Unfortunately, everyone is preparing for winter and cannot listen to his story. Mouse is busy gathering seeds, Duck must fly south, and Mole is already fast asleep underground. The beautiful, soft watercolors that fill the pages of this book wonderfully illustrate the various seasonal routines of the woodland creatures.  Bear soon falls into hibernation himself before he can tell his story! When spring arrives though, Bear wastes no time in greeting his friends to tell his story.  You won’t want to miss the funny twist at the end! 

This is a great story for all seasons, but especially perfect for the late fall when you can see animals in your own backyard doing just what the creatures in the books are doing- preparing for winter!

Bear has a Story to Tell written by Philip C. Stead; Illustrated by Erin E. Stead. Published by Roaring Brook Press, 2012.