Mar 13, 2013

Web Wednesday

Here at GMPL we are always looking for new sites and cool resources to share with our grown-up friends, too.  This week we are featuring Totspot, a totally free and awesome way to share your child's milestones and news with family and friends. 

If you want to share updates with family and friends, Totspot is a neat way to do just that.  Totspot is totally free and private, so you can feel confident when you share pictures of your child.  You can build lists of friends you want to share with using many email providers, and even Facebook. 

Height and weight growth charts, your child's 'firsts', photos, and a place to journal make Totspot an awesome electronic baby book. 

Totspot isn't just for babies or tots, though.  Kids of all ages can have a Totspot page, and may perhaps even create updates of their own when they are older!

Overall, it is a nice, safe, and free way to stay in touch with those you love.  Give it a try here.