Jun 12, 2013

Wed Wednesday - Hit the Dusty Trail

Happy summer vacation!  We hope your summer has started off well and we would love to hear what you have planned. We have gathered some resources to help entertain your young travelers during any road trips you will take this summer.  Hopefully some of these resources will help quiet them from asking "Are we there yet?" at least once, and save your sanity.

If you are looking for road trip games and printables to take with you we recommend TLC's Parentables site.   My Delicious Ambiguity's collection of sites mostly come from Family Fun magazine's site, but it is nice to have them all in one place.  Family Fun Education always does a nice job rounding up quality resources, and their road trip games are no different..

For help packing a road trip busy bag, look no further than Polkadot Prints.  For help placating other passengers on a train or plane with sweet treats, help putting together activity bags during the trip for your wee ones, knowing what treats to pack for car snacking, or bribing your kids with snack packs for accomplishing car activities, this site has it all.  Polka-Dotty Place also has a great visual and packing list for help packing up a travel busy bag. Not surprisingly, Martha Stewart's site offers a beautiful slide show for suggested summer travel activities.

Before you leave the house, there are some great games from Scholastic to help you read up on any travel destination.  Global Trek allows you to plan a virtual trip around the world right from your computer.  You can look into the timeline of a country from the selected list, learn about the people who live there, and get some background information on the country's history.  You can also create an electronic travel journal to keep track of your own trips and travel experiences.  If you are traveling throughout the states, 50 states has gathered a ton of information on each state.  If you would rather search by popular topics, such as state birds or songs, the sites has an option for that as well.
  You can also stop by the library for help finding books related to your travel destinations. 

Safe travels this summer!