Aug 7, 2013

Web Wednesday - Dare I Say It?

"Back to School" time is approaching.  
I said it!
So while your rugrats are getting stir crazy, we will share some ideas with you to get their brains in gear for learning and help burn some extra energy, too.

The site, No Time for Flash Cards, is seriously amazing.  I love the ideas they share and this list of outdoor activities is a wonderful way to engage with nature and the great outdoors, while having some fun.  There are an abundance of alphabet activities listed here to help gently ease back into letter knowledge.  No Time for Flash Cards also shares a list of back to school prep, but deals more with the social-emotional skills needed to get back to school.  

'Tis the season for messy play!  Just a quick hose down or a dip in the pool, and voila! All clean!  Growing a Jeweled Rose has been a GMPL kids' favorite for a while.  The site has a million ideas for sensory play, and any of them would make dreams come true.  A list of outdoor activities is listed here.  Depending on your threshold for messiness, some activities may not be for you.

Another cute idea for our train lovers is to take the track outside and fill up your train cars with items found in nature!  See an example here.  Color-coding flowers, putting the items in size order, or even by texture, the possibilities are endless.  What will you put in your trains?

Straight from the Kids' Activities blog, you can get back into practice with colors and sorting with a color scavenger hunt

Color Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers featured on Kids Activities Blog
If you're looking to get some wiggles out you can check out our new series of activity books from ABDO Publishing.  These books illustrate awesome and easy ways to get your body moving and shake some sillies out.  

Imagination Soup is having fun shopping for school supplies.  Involving your child in the shopping may help them take ownership of their supplies and keeping them organized.  See the whole story here.  You can even print your own scavenger hunt list.  

Finally, from Mom to 2 Lil Posh Divas, a great list of ways to get ready to learn.  This list gives ideas for getting your body back in the habit of getting up early and tips for dealing with the daily grind. With enough time to get back into a routine and ease your way into a schedule, it may pay off to start now.