Nov 6, 2013

Every Child Ready To Read~ Reading

Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR) is a national initiative from the American Library Association.  ECRR is a learning model to showcase skills and activities to help build literacy skills for young children.  We follow this model at the Grafton-Midview Public Library and would like to share some  activities and resources with you!  For more information on Every Child Ready to Read, here are some sites for you to peruse:
Ohio Every Child Ready to Read, Early Literacy Crosswalk offers a basic overview of what Every Child Ready to Read is all about.  They also have another site to discover the second edition of ECRR and sample activities for each skill and activity.

This is our final week of exploring ECRR and we hope you have enjoyed the journey.

One of my go-to sites for looking for themes and topics to discuss is SurLaLune.  You can search through for a topic or subject of your choice and find many book suggestions and summaries, along with song ideas to share together.  I appreciate the age suggestions given along with the book recommendations. For answers to your frequently asked questions, check out Read To Me's FAQ page. 

An interesting site to peruse is the Reading Womb.  This site supports that it is truly never too early to begin reading with and to your baby.  The idea behind the Reading Womb is to begin a routine of reading with your child before he or she is even born.  Finding a time to relax, bond, and be close with Baby is going to help get him or her off on the right foot to reading success.  Reading to your baby will help him/her become accustomed to your voice, begin learning language, and it's a soothing activity.  Hopefully this special time will continue for years to come.  Annie Murphy's TED talk on when learning truly begins can be found here (Hint: It's before birth!).

The Hennepin Library has an amazing site that gives book ideas and tips for sharing them.  They include items directly from their catalog, so you are seeing the new releases along with old favorites.  When considering books to read, it's important to think about the differences in development.  A few months of growing can mean a world of difference to our young ones.  For ideas of what to share when, refer to Zero to Three's site

Reading is Fundamental shares many great ideas for songs, activities, and even games to explore together that are broken down by age.  These activities complement Every Child Ready to Read very well.  For help with struggling readers, reading lists, and tips, scope out Reading Rockets. 

If you are looking for reading electronically, check out Tumblebooks, a database full of children's books and games that our Library subscribes to.  You can search for books on themes and read along on the screen.
Keep us up to date with what you are reading on Goodreads, an electronic book shelf.  If you want more information on Goodreads you can check out Nicole's past post here. For book suggestions your family can share together, stop into the Grafton-Midview Public Library and check out our Readers' Advisory tools on our web site.  Your Youth Services Librarians will be glad to assist you.  Happy reading!