Nov 2, 2016

Web Wednesday

Halloween might be over, but learning about witches is interesting all year round! Recommended by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) for its educational value, you have to check out the Salem Witch Museum website:

The website features interesting facts about the infamous Salem Witch Trials, including videos answering kids’ most common questions about the horrible historical events. The museum itself is housed in an impressive building, complete with somewhat creepy reenactment scenes. It would no doubt make for an interesting, if not, disturbing visit. But, since Massachusetts isn't around the corner, take a look at their website to learn about a piece of our country's earliest horrors.

It’s a must check out for your elementary/middle schooler. While a good portion of the website focuses on information that would be necessary for an actual visit, children will find it to be a reputable and worthwhile reference for school projects, or just to satisfy their curiosity. All photos are property of the Salem Witch Museum.