Feb 1, 2017

Web Wednesday-Animals!

For this week’s Web Wednesday we’ve gathered a few cool websites for the animal lovers.

San Diego’s website is super fun. It’s colorful and delightfully animated. It’s a great balance of educational and fun.You can:

Get an inside look at zoo careers and what it takes to get that job
All about amphibians, birds, arthropods (insects, crustaceans arachnids, etc), mammals and reptiles
Fun games, many of which are available in the app store for download on your device
Activities & crafts
Live animal cams

Animal Diversity Web, an online database and encyclopedia of animal natural history, is best for older students, or young biology buffs. It’s less visually pleasing, but is full of interesting information. You can:

Learn how scientific animal names are created
Explore various animal anatomies
Check out photos of scientific specimens

You have to love an aquarium! While this website has a lot of things you won’t be able to take part in unless you visit (exhibitions, programs, etc) there is still plenty of information, and exciting things to look at. Our favorite is the Blue Blubber Jelly cam! You can:

Learn about animal rescue and how the National Aquarium has taken part
Watch live cams. Jellyfish! Sharks! Coral Reefs!
Explore different animal facts and conservation facts

Click the video to see the mesmerizing jellies.