Aug 16, 2017

What We're Reading Wednesday: Humor

What is the tallest building in the world?

A library because it has the most stories!

Today is National Tell a Joke Day so we are going to share some books that make us laugh.  Don't worry, there will be more jokes along the way.

Picture Books

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors 
by Drew Daywalt; illustrations by Adam Rex.

Ever wonder why we play this game?  Here's your chance to find out!  Rock, Paper & Scissors each want to battle but are having a hard time finding someone worthy of their skill.  It's only when they meet each other that the find what they have been searching for all along.

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Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Greatby Bob Shea
How can Goat compete when Unicorn can make it rain cupcakes?  All Goat can do is make just OK marshmallow squares.  When Goat introduces pizza to Unicorn, Unicorn thinks it might not be that great to be a unicorn after all.

by Cirocco Dunlap; illustrations by Olivier Tallec
A mouse warns the reader that this book will not be fun.  Tell that to the flying whale, glow-in-dark worm, and dancing creatures.
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Joke Break!

Librarian:  Knock, knock
Reader:  Who's there?
Librarian:  Winnie.
Reader:  Winnie who?
Librarian:  Winnie you going to return your overdue book, hm?

Beginner Readers

Fun with Ed and Fred
by Kevin Bolger; illustrations by Ben Hodson

Ed gets to do all the great stuff: go the beach, ride a horse and has a nice dog.  Fred on the other hand, not so much.  He wants to do all the great things Ed does but somehow ends up with the not-so-great things.Click here to reserve a Library copy.
A Pig, a Fox, and Stinky Socks! by Jonathan FenskeFox wants to play a trick on Pig, using Fox's stinky socks!  Pig is not fooled and Fox gets stinkier and stinkier with each trick.Click here to reserve a Library copy.
The Adventures of Otto: See Pip Point
by David Milgrim
Pip points at what he wants and Otto is willing to share.  But giving a balloon to a mouse may haven't been a good idea as Pip gets carried away!  This story is perfect for very beginning readers.Click here to reserve a Library copy.                                                                                           Joke Break!
Why didn't the mummy want to leave the library?

He was too wrapped up in a good book!

Juvenile Fiction

How to be a Supervillain
by Michael Fry
When your entire family, going back generations, are supervillains, you are kind of expected to be one, too.  It turns out that Victor doesn't have an evil bone in his body.

A serious subject -- a parents' divorce -- gets a humorous take. Winnie's parents are so competitive that even their divorce has to be completely equal.  Winnie's time is split between the two but she is able to have Wednesdays to herself.  When this arrangement seems to be changing, Winnie and 9 friends vow to stay in the treehouse until their demands are met.

I, Funny: School of Laughs
by James Patterson (#5 in the I, Funny series)
Jamie's school is in need of funds.  Jamie has the brilliant idea to start a comedy class for fellow classmates.  Only problem is that being funny is a lot easier than teaching funny.