Sep 29, 2020

Dog Man Fans

"My 10 year-old has flown through the Dog Man series! What else can he read?" 
"My son really likes those Dog Man books. Do you have anything else like them?" 
"When are you getting new Dog Man books?"

Sound familiar? Dav Pilkey's Dog Man series is wildly popular with our readers, and we can't seem to keep the books on our shelves! The series has been a game changer: it's hooking the attention of reluctant readers, inspiring kids to create their own illustrations and jokes, and encouraging young readers to explore their weird and fun imaginations. If you have a young reader that just can't get enough of Dog Man, check out our suggestions for what to read next.  

"The books are funny!" 
If you have a child that can't get enough of Dog Man's silly antics, slapstick comedy, and occasional potty jokes, you'll want to check out these titles:

The Bad Guys
 series by Aaron Blabey: What's more hilarious than criminal animals attempting to be good? Four animal villains attempt to make up for their rap sheets by completing some good deeds, but what happens when their plans go awry? Jampacked with silly antics, this series will have young readers laughing out loud.

Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka: What exactly does the school's lunch lady do when she isn't dishing out the daily special? Students Hector, Dee, and Terrence quickly discover that she fights the forces of evil! The series' goofy puns and funny one liners will appeal to those who love the humor of Dog Man
series by John Green: Two bumbling reptiles wearing V.E.S.T (Very Exciting Spy Technology) travel through toilets and sewers to solve the mystery of a missing cupcake baker in the first book of this series of graphic novels. Almost every panel contains potty humor, perfect for fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants, and plenty of pop culture references and puns. 

Catwad series by Jim Benton: A grouchy kitty shares his observations on everything from pizza and computers to toothbrushing and his overly optimistic friend Blurmp. Catwad is a fresh take on the relationship between Garfield and Odie. The expressive felines and the antics from such opposite friends are sure to amuse.  

"I love the cartoons!"
Do you have a budding artist that loves the Dog Man illustrations? Or maybe your young reader needs a few pictures to get into a story? Try some of these easy-to-read, highly illustrative books: 

Narwhal and Jelly 
series by Ben Clanton: A cheerful narwhal that loves parties and waffles makes friends with an apprehensive jellyfish. Soft colors, whimsical doodles, and simple panel arrangements make this series visually appealing. 
Stick Dog series by Tom Watson: Stick Dog is on a quest with his four friends for the perfect hamburger. This series is perfect for reluctant readers, and is a great transition into chapter books. Notebook-style doodles and the oversized text will appeal to those who love graphic novels, and the books will also encourage young readers to give Big NateDiary of a Wimpy Kid, or Dork Diaries a try.  

The Yeti Files
series by Kevin Sherry
Blizz Richards is a self-described great guy, living in a secret lair in Nepal and hanging out with his best friends, who just also happens to be a yeti. Blizz is one of the cryptids, the society of hidden animals whose existence has never been proven. But remaining hidden can be tricky. What happens when someone tries to prove the existence of Blizz's best friend, Bigfoot? Sherry's illustrations have the feel of a newspaper comic strip, and his large, full-spread illustrations capture the objects around the main characters to give the story even more laughs.

Peter and Ernesto series by Graham Annable: Opposites attract in this series of graphic novels. Peter and Ernesto are sloths. Peter and Ernesto are friends. But Peter and Ernesto are nothing alike. Despite their differences, these sloths undertake a series of goofy and sweet adventures together. The series doesn't have the slapstick, in-your-face humor of the Dog Man books, but young readers will be drawn to the illustrations. Annable's sloths are highly stylized, and their adorable, oversized eyes express what the text's deadpan humor does not. 

"It's exciting! I love the adventure!" 
A lot of action happens in the Dog Man series. If your reader needs a lot of twists and turns, fun misadventures, and high-stakes battles, consider these books:

Percy Jackson
series by Rick Riordan: After learning that the father he never knew is actually Poseidon, God of the Sea, Percy Jackson leaves for Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp for demigods, and becomes involved in a dangerous quest to prevent a war between the gods. Percy Jackson has been around for awhile now, but Riordan keeps expanding on the original series and dipping into new mythology, like the Magnus Chase series. Riordan writes with a great sense of humor, and keeps his books action-packed. Expect lots of battles!   

CatStronauts series by Drew Brockington: Earth is running dangerously low on energy, so the World's Best Scientist proposes putting a solar power plant on the moon with the help of the catstronauts - Blanket, Pom Pom, Waffles, and Major Meowser. Will the felines be able to complete the lunar mission and save the day? The series is not only cute, but full of substance too. Young readers and grownups will appreciate the space adventures and the STEM content.   
Plants vs Zombies series by Paul Tobin: An army of killer plants try to fend off an invasion of hungry zombies. Who will win? With its colorful, vibrant illustrations and fast-paced action, this is a series that is sure to capture the attention of reluctant readers. 

The 13-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths: Andy and Terry live in a treehouse - a treehouse with a theater, library, bowling alley, and game room! The boys write and illustrate books, but they are far behind on their publisher's deadline. As they procrastinate, the two experience plenty of misadventures with flying cats, monster mermaids, and monkeys. Featuring plenty of illustrations and lots of goofy situations, The 13-Story Treehouse is a great transition for young readers into chapter books.