Jun 20, 2012

Web Wednesday - Amazing Space

Amazing Space is a site that uses the Hubble Space Telescope to investigate the world beyond! 
With intense images from space, you can explore pictures in an image gallery.  With the option to zoom and move the view around, it’s almost as if you are exploring space first hand!  They also have videos of the images being taken, but you will need Flash Player to view them.  The objects also have summaries about each picture.

They have another option for Online Exploration that takes you to a page of interactive learning games.  Become a member of the Hubble Deep Space Academy and explore the universe!  Learn about the telescopes that help us see the stars and planets beyond our reach!  If your friends are interested, too, you can get trading cards here!

In the Capture the Cosmos page, you can explore space by topic!  Full of online adventures, pictures, and information – you’ll become an expert in no time.  You also have the option to view tonight’s sky.  They update this portion regularly and have a video of the monthly night sky as it changes.
They also have a tab that is for Educators and Teachers,  but this information is still helpful for the average Joe.  Under the Astronomy Basics tabs, you can get fast facts about a number of different topics.  They also have questions and answers for most areas to beef up before a science test!

Blast off to this site to see more than you can with your telescope in the backyard!