Jul 11, 2012

Web Wednesday - Seymour Simon

For this portion of Web Wednesday, I am including Seymour Simon’s site because he has a space joke on his home page: “When is it polite to drink milk from a saucer?”  You’ll get the answer in a comment to the post!!

Although my original reason for delving into this site is trivial, I am so glad I did!  He has so much information, and his biographical info really shows what happens when you ‘Dream Big!’  He has been an author for over 40 years and has earned a lot of rewards – so many, he has lost track!  At the bottom of the home page you can scroll through all of the books he has written on different topics such as animals, space, the human body, and our planet.  If you are into e-books, he has a wide variety of titles to see.  

He also has an ongoing science blog, and has tons of information that go with our reading theme.  The blog is archived by topic, which I always appreciate in a web site!  I saw a bunch of nocturnal animals featured, so you can learn about them a little more.  He also has a science dictionary to help you get in touch with all kinds of terms.