Jul 4, 2012

Web Wednesday - NASA style!

This next site, Solar System Exploration, is from NASA and is almost too much for me to handle.  It is so cool to look at and has so much information!!  

You can search through different space missions and search by year, destination, and what country launched the expedition.  My favorite part is the interactive time line of missions you can roll-over and find more information.

You can also see information on planets, and as you scroll over each name a chart of the sky changes so you can see its location!  There is a tool to compare planets to Earth by size and looks.  You can also check out asteroids, moons, and comets that ‘live’ around the planets.

Under the ‘Kids’ tab, you can find all sorts of games!  There is even a chance to be a Martian!  You can make your own profile and continue the learning with a log-in.  Put puzzles together to text your skills!  There is an option to watch Space Story Musical!  With an entire page of information illustrated with kids’ drawings, you can explore the universe!  They even have a page with other kid friendly space sites.  It would be so easy to spend a lot of time here if you are a space nut.  Have fun!