Oct 4, 2012

Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel

  Our adventure in Ghostopolis begins when terminally ill Garth Hale is caught in a chase between ghost hunter Frank Gallows and a skeletal horse, accidentally pulling him into the spirit world of the afterlife. Garth is still very much alive when he arrives in the world of the dead, and soon he encounters creatures both good and evil in this new and dangerous world.

   Upon witnessing Garth's flashy disappearance from his bedroom, his mother arrives at the Supernatural Immigration Task Force, frantically urging the ghost hunters there to travel into the spirit world to retrieve her son. Frank is abruptly fired from the SITF for his frequent missteps and chooses to go after Garth with only the assistance of an ex-girlfriend who has some very useful connections to the world of Ghostopolis.

   Garth discovers that he has special abilities in the spirit world because he is still alive, such as flying! This soon draws the attention and anger of the spirit world's evil ruler who sends very creepy and very large bugs after him. With the help of his grandfather and his ghostly mare, Skinny,  Garth must try his best to escape Ghostopolis and return to the world of the living. Will the SITF arrive in time to save Garth? Is it possible that Frank may not botch up his rogue rescue mission?

   The story ends quickly, but not without an epic battle involving Garth, an army of skeletons and the smashing of tall buildings!

   This is a great fantasy-adventure story with wacky humor and fun, creepy elements. Sprinkled throughout are also some touching moments involving Garth's mother and grandfather. The illustrations are wonderful, combining a distinctly cartoon style with an interesting color palette. Stop in the library today to pick up this great graphic novel!

Ghostopolis created, written and drawn by Doug TenNapel; Published by Graphix/Scholastic , 2010