Oct 14, 2014

Fresh Picks! October

Happy October! Here are some of our current new and favorite books:

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas by Lynne Cox. Schwartz & Wade, 2014. 
Image from Goodreads

Based on a true story, Elizabeth the elephant seal isn't like any other seal. Instead of the enjoying ocean life like most of her species, Elizabeth prefers the sweet, shallow waters of the Avon River in New Zealand. Despite the people of Christchurch's efforts to send her home, Elizabeth knows exactly where she belongs. 

Recipe for Adventure: Naples! by Giada De Laurentiis. Penguin, 2013. 
Image from Amazon
In the first title of De Laurentii's series, readers will discover a world of food and adventure. After being transported to different cities around the world, Alfie and Emilia find themselves in Naples, helping a boy named Marco shop for the best ingredients for the city's upcoming pizza fest contest. Not only do Alfie and Emilia get a taste of Italy, but a look into how food plays an important role in the feeling of home.

Mix It Up! By Hervé Tullet. Chronicle Books, 2014.
Image from Goodreads
An interactive journey full of color! Follow the artist's simple instructions and watch as colors appear, mix, splatter, and disappear. A wonderful book for deepening an understanding of color. 

Extraordinary Warren: A Super Chicken. By Sarah Dillard. Aladdin, 2014.

Image from Goodreads
 After becoming bored with mundane chicken life, Warren wants more! All he does is peck, peep, and eat boring chicken feed. Warren leaves his quiet farm to discover what makes him special, with some help from friends along the way. The simple text, speech balloons, and illustrations make Warren's story a blend between picture book and chapter book. A great pick for children beginning to read independently.