Oct 7, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Kuddle- A Photo Sharing App for Kids

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Tech Tuesday is a new blog series here on where we will share great apps for kids and families, tips for online safety and responsible digital citizenship, and give the scoop on awesome new devices!

Today we will be sharing an app with you- Kuddle, a wonderful social media app that allows children to share photos in a safe, parental-controlled online environment.

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The New York Times blog Bits recently discussed Kuddle, posing the question, " Parents can childproof their homes by covering the electric sockets, adding parental controls on the cable box and putting a padlock on the liquor cabinet. Is it possible to do the same for the web?". You can read their article here.

Kuddle attempts to provide a more "child-proofed" experience by creating a safer photo-sharing alternative to Instagram for the 13 and under crowd. Designed specifically for children, Kuddle allows parents to monitor what their children publish and keeps access to content restricted. Kuddle requires parental approval to sign up as well.

Kuddle is free, just like Instagram but differs in that there are no hashtags or comments allowed. And if you like the picture, your “like” shows up anonymously, so that kids are less likely to get caught up in cyber-bullying issues. described Kuddle as "an Instagram with training wheels" which is an easy, accurate description. Techcrunch writes that Kuddle, "...sees this app as the first step in a larger vision for the company which will focus on helping parents make better choices when it comes to their kids’ mobile usage, possibly through subscription services".

We encourage you to download Kuddle and share it with your family today! It's a great way to safely share photos with friends and also teach your kids about how to be a responsible social media user. 

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