Jun 22, 2015

Week Two

Here’s to the official start of summer (the first day was officially yesterday)!  It’s definitely been a wet spring, so hopefully the rain will subside, and bring the sunshine. We had lots of fun during our storytimes last week. 

This morning, our friend Ayla the Golden Retriever came by for our Tail Waggin’ Tutors program. Being an exceptionally sweet dog, Ayla makes a great partner to read with. Kids of all ages can read to Ayla, or just share in her company. The next time she will be in is July 20th at 10:30am. 

For the second week of SRP we have lots of creative and inventive programs. Wednesday, artist Augusto Bordelois will be coming again to share his exciting painting program, “Action Painting”. This program helps children build skills to be a team player as they paint blindfolded. This was so popular last year that we will be having two sessions—2 or 3pm. Take your pick, and click here to register:

Thursday we will be having “Magic is Fun”. Kids will learn some tricks of the trade from Magician Gordon, and will get a starter kit to take home. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the interest, and currently the program is booked. However, a waiting list has started. If you’re interested in being put the waiting list, click here to register:

The first of our Crafternoons is also Thursday. Using conductive thread and LED lights or Sharpie marker tie-dye, participants can create their own unique T-shirt capes, perfect for pretty much every day. Click here to register: And, last but not least, teens can come for the Teen Movie Night from 5:30-8 to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier Click here to register:

We’ll be finishing off week two with "Explore the Floor". This program is geared towards babies from birth to two and their caregivers. Using different educational activities and toys, babies can learn and explore. Click here to register:

Don't forget if you and your littles haven't signed up for Summer Reading, it's never too late!