Dec 19, 2019

3D Paper Snowflakes

I might be a little too enthusiastic about the holidays. But hey, I'm a children's librarian. It comes with the territory; like sweaters and scarves, and sweaters and scarves covered in cat hair. When I decided to hang paper snowflakes around the Children's Department I was thinking of how Buddy the Elf decorated Gimbels. See the vision below:

Festive for the holidays and for the rest of winter. So what does the Children's Department look like? Check it out below! If you're interested in creating some 3D snowflake magic of your own, keep scrolling for a quick tutorial. You can also find instructions hereherehere, and here

6 pieces of white copy paper 
Tape or glue

Fold a piece of paper in half diagonally. Copy paper will not make a perfect triangle, so cut off the rectangular edge. Feel free to get as elaborate as you like with your paper. Cardstock with different patterns on each side make some beautiful snowflakes!  

Fold the triangle in half. Along the bottom fold of the triangle, cut three parallel lines. Cut almost all the way to the triangle's edge. I tend to just eyeball my cuts, but some people prefer to measure their lines with a ruler. 

Unfold the paper and position it so it looks like a diamond. 

Starting from the inside of the diamond, bend and roll two paper lines together to form a tube. Attach with tape or glue. You should see triangle shapes on each side of the roll. 

Turn the paper over and attach the next two paper lines together. The tubes should be opposite one another. 

Keep turning the paper over and joining the lines together until no paper strips remain.  

Repeat with the remaining five pieces of paper. 

When you are finished rolling all the pieces, join three of the completed pieces together by stapling their ends together. Do the same with the remaining three to form the two branches of your snowflakes.

Staple the two pieces together in the middle. Then staple where each of the arms meet to ensure a full snowflake shape. 

Now you're ready to decorate!