Dec 17, 2019

Holiday Reads

Are you still searching for a picture book to read on Christmas Eve? Set out Santa's cookies and milk, and cozy up with one of these books. To find even more Christmas reads, visit our catalog

Dear Santa, I Know It Looks Bad but It Wasn't My Fault!
Norma Lewis
Scalawag writes a series of letters to Santa explaining all the mischief he has found himself in during the year. Since he is clearly the best kitty ever, there is no reason a few accidental mishaps should prevent him from receiving the Catman and Robin video game for Christmas! But when Scalawag destroys Miss Violet’s Christmas tree, he realizes he needs to ask Santa for something else.  

Little Robin’s Christmas
Jan Fearnley
Little Robin is ready for Christmas! He has seven cozy and festive vests to wear during Christmas week, but he doesn’t count on meeting seven chilly friends that need some hand-knitted warmth. When Little Robin starts to freeze in the snow, will a certain jolly fellow be able to help?   

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Charlies M. Schulz
One of the holiday season's quintessential movies comes to life in book form. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit expect for Charlie Brown. Something is missing among all the lights, presents, and aluminum Christmas trees. Can Charlie Brown and the gang find the true meaning of Christmas?

The Most Wonderful Gift in the World
Mark Sperring
Esme and Bear have the most wonderful Christmas, but they discover that Santa accidentally placed a gift for Little Bunny Boo-Boo under their tree. The two decide to deliver the gift to the correct recipient, but the journey is full of fierce winds, freezing temperatures, and deep snowdrifts. When they finally arrive, Esme and Bear learn that the lonely little bunny got exactly what she asked for from Santa.

Snowmen at Christmas
Caralyn Buehner
You may know what snowmen do at night, but do you know what fun snowmen get up to on Christmas Eve? A roly poly, snowy party of course!

Santa Mouse
Michael Brown
A lonely little mouse in a big, old, empty house realizes that no one ever gives Santa a gift in return. As he gets ready for bed on Christmas Eve, the little mouse decides to leave his most cherished piece of cheese for Santa. Santa is so touched by his generosity, that he asks the little mouse to be his helper.

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
Maudie Powell-Tuck
Sad that her Christmas card won’t reach her grandfather in time, Mia finds an unusual mailbox at the Christmas market. When Mia follows the mailbox’s instruction, she is whisked away on a reindeer through beautiful winter landscapes. What will she find at the end of her journey?

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Brooke Vitale
An adaptation of a classic holiday movie, Gonzo and Rizzo narrate The Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge meets three ghosts and lots of Muppets on Christmas Eve, changing his mean ways for good.