Nov 1, 2021

Book Spotlight: It Fell from the Sky

It fell from the sky on a Thursday, the beautiful, wonderful, mysterious thing. Despite their marveling, none of the insects in the garden know what it is or where it came from. Some say it's a gumdrop. Others say it's an egg. Is it a magical chrysalis? A fallen star or planet? Whatever it is, it fell near Spider's house. And Spider sees it as an opportunity. He invites insects far and wide to see the object on display for just a leaf, and it becomes an instant sensation. Spider grows greedy, however, building an expensive amusement park in the style of P.T. Barnum with other wonders from the sky. When interest wanes and a five-fingered creature from the sky snatches away the wonderous object that started it all, Spider is left alone and must decide what to do. 

Fans of The Night Gardener and The Barnabus Project will be happy to see another magical, luminous picture book from the Fan brothers. The illustrations and story are not only whimsical, but funny too. The personalities of the insects are clear through their expressions and their hypotheses about the wonder from the sky. The soft monochrome art makes the flowers and insects look like they could come alive and float off the pages, and it makes the colored object from the sky even more wonderous and illuminated. Enjoy this picture book for the fun story, or use it as a way to dive deeper into the themes of generosity, community, and wonder.