Nov 19, 2021

Book Spotlight: The Whole World Inside Nan's Soup


There's something special and delicious inside Nanni's big metal pot. When her granddaughter asks what's bubbling on the stove, she gets an unexpected answer: Seeds. And soil. The farmers that lovingly and gently tend to their plants and harvest them. The trucks that drive the food to different corners of the world... and the roads that carry them. Even the sun, moon, and stars are found inside the pot. But what's the best soup ingredient of all? The one that really makes the soup special? That ingredient would be love; Nanni's soup recipe has been passed down through the generations and is meant to be shared. When Nanni asks her granddaughter if she'll remember all the ingredients she responds with, "The whole world!" 

Young readers can flip through this book over and over and still walk away with something new. The illustrations are incredibly detailed. With every ingredient listed, Nanni's granddaughter imagines the people, places, and things it took to make it possible to be inside Nanni's pot on the stove. Spreads are divided between a blue palette, similar to a vintage plate, and full color with an emphasis on beautiful peaches, oranges, pinks, and tans. While the picture book is wordy, it's the dialogue that gives momentum to the story and drives it forward, and the humor and sweetness shared between Nanni and her granddaughter can't be missed. This is a touching celebration of interconnectedness and journeys. So often now, children are disconnected from the work that goes into harvesting the food on their plates. This picture book, granted in a romanticized way, prompts young readers to think of how food goes from the farm to the table. Great for fans of Fry Bread, Thank You, Omu, and One Little Bag.